Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg


Railway museums

In Luxemburg there are several organisations for railway museums or railway related museums.

map rodange area

Pétange - Fond-de-Gras - Rodange

In the hills between Rodange en Pétange there was for years a railway into the iron ore loading stations. This was a line, only for goods transport. It ran from Pétange via Fond-de-Gras to the French border.

Today the iron ore loading has gone. The railway has been out of service for a while, and for some years, today on some days (sundays in the summer) a museum train can be found riding from Fond-de-Gras to Bois-de-Rodange (in the hills above the village of Rodange), and (since the year 2001) also from Pétange to Fond-de Gras.

More about this train can be read on the website of the train 1900.

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Fond-de-Gras - Lasauvage   (mineursbahn)

In an old mine between Fond-de-Gras and Lasauvage, you can find a mine train of the AMTF (Association des Musée et Tourisme Ferroviaires). It is riding from Fond-de-Gras (at the site of the museum line Train 1900), for about a kilometer into the hills, and then going over a length of about 4 kilometer in a tunnel to France. In France the line runs in open air for some kilometer to Saulnes. At the museum line there can be found several types of rolling stock of the old mine trains (e.g. e-locs, diesellocs, lorries).

More info can be found on the Train1900, the official website of the AMTF

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tram museum luxemburg

Luxemburg Hollerich (trammuseum Luxemburg)

In the quarter Hollerich of Luxemburg city, not far from the railway station one can find the museum of the tram and bus of the city of Luxemburg.

On the web you can find a website of myself about the tram in the city of Luxemburg, with a special webpage about the tram-museum.

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tram museum luxemburg

Mine museum in Rumelange

In Rumelange, near the south border of the country, one can visit the mine museum. In this museum in several ways the history of the mining in Luxemburg is explained. In hte museum is also an old mine-train.

For more information, visit the website of the mine museum

At the eastern entrance of the museum near the cement factory of Langengrund, one can see two mining locs. On the left you can see a picture of loc 70 standing at the entrance.

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