Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Historical rolling stock

In the country of Luxemburg there are several historical railway objects to be seen. Partly riding, partly as standing monument somewhere alongside the road. Here you can find a description of the riding objects:

loc 5519

Steamlocomotive 5519

In the second world war by the Deutsche Reichsbahn 859 1E/locs (with 5 driven axels) of the type 42 were build. One of these remained in Luxemburg after the war. This loc was such good, that the CFL decided in 1948 to order 20 more items of this series. These were built by the Austrian 'Wiener Lokfabrik'. The strong locs were used mostly in iron ore transport from the depots of Pétange and Bettembourg.

In 1963 (that is only 14 years after building) the locs were, as the last steamlocs of the CFL scrapped. One of the series, the 5519 has remained as riding monument.

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museum loc series 1600

Dieselloc 1602

The 4 diesel locs of the series 1600 have been built in 1955, as replacement of the expensive steam locs. The diesellocs were used all over Luxemburg, as well in transport of passengers, as well as goods transport.

In 1994 all 4 locs have been scrapped. The loc 1602 has been sold in 1995 to Belgium, where it was given (after two reparations) the number 202.020. This is the original Belgian number that the loc had in Belgium in the same series (later 5200), a series locs, that also have been scrapped in Belgium.

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Dieselloc 1603

Loc 1603, of which the description is the same as the above mentioned 1602, has been scrapped by the CFL in 1995. The loc has in 1996 been acquired by the Vennbahn, where it has in service over this museum line.

After the museum line of the Vennbahn was closed, the loc has returned to Luxemburg.

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museum loc 1604

Dieselloc 1604

Loc 1604 has been scrapped by the CFL in 1994. The loc has been kept for museum purposes. It is still able to ride, now and then you can see it riding in the country of Luxemburg.

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Dieselloc 455

Loc 455 (was part of the series 451 u/i 455) has been built in 1953, and by now has been scrapped by the CFL. The loc has been preserved as riding museum, and is still able to ride.

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Dieselloc 2001

Loc 2001 has been built in 1957 (the same year as the author of this page), and by now has been scrapped by the CFL. The loc has been preserved as riding museum, and is still able to ride.

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DMU 105 + 1011

DMU 105 / 1011

The diesel motor coaches of series 100 were the first diesel motor coaches of the CFL. In 1949 there were built 10 items. These motor coaches were riding mostly on secondary lines from Pétange via Steinfort to Ettelbruck, and further on via Diekirch and Echternach to Wasserbillig and Grevenmacher.

In 1978 the 105 has been scrapped by the CFL (also the similar trailer 1011). The have been kept, and there one can see them on round trips in the country of Luxemburg.

To the right you can see a foto of the units in Luxemburg on 22-5-1999 riding for a special trip of a political party to Steinfort.

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Motor coach 151

Motor coach 151 was one of the 10 Uerdinger railbusses that the CFL acquired in 1951. Number 151 has been scrapped by the CFL in 1970, and has gone to the AMTF (the touristical museum railway in Fond-de-Gras). Weather the 151 is still available at the AMTF is me (author of this page) not known.

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DMU 206/216

DMU 206 / 216

Built as replacement of the expensive steam engines, in 1956 there were built 8 multiple units with the numbers 201 until 208 (the second coaches had numbers 211 until 218). These trains were used mostly on the line to the north from Luxemburg to Troisvierges, Wiltz and Diekirch.

The units were scrapped in 1994, when most of the network of the CFL had been electrified. The 206/216 has been achieved by the Vennbahn.

After the Vennbahn closed, the train has returned to Luxemburg.

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DMU 208 / 218

Multiple Unit 208/218 was, just as the above mentioned 206/216, built in 1956, and scrapped in 1994. The train is kept for museum ridings in Luxemburg.

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