Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Troisvierges



Name (french) : Troisvierges
Name (german) : Ulflingen
Name (luxemburg) : Ölwen
Traject : Luxemburg - Troisvierges - Gouvy
Date opening : 15-12-1866
Date closure : -
Remarks : -

Historical data

15-12-1866 :   Opening railway line in the direction Luxemburg. Build stations building and loc shed
20-2-1867 :   Opening railway line in the direction of Gouvy (Belgium)
1873 :   Enlargement railway yard, enlargement of loc shed, enlargement of stations building
4-11-1889 :   Opening railway line in the direction of Wilwerdange - St.Vith. Extension of the railway yard. On the east side of the stations building (in the front yard) also placement of rails, which south and north made connection to the main line. The stations building is from now on a sort of island. Tot the west also tracks on a terriain in the direction of Biwish
1899 :   New loc shed
193 :   Modernisation of signalling
1945 :   Loc shed heavily damaged because of war. Repaired in 1952
8-10-1950 :   Closure of the line to Wilwerdange for passengers transport; Though passengers transport to St.Vith was since Wordl War II no more possible
1952 :   New electric signalling
ca.1956 :   Removal of througgoing rails on eastside of stations building
31-12-1977 :   Closure goods transport of line to Wilwerdange
1978 :   Tracks on the terrain near Biwish taken away. Reduction of the number of tracks. Loc shed, turning table and several track taken way
1980 :   Manifestation of people because of keeping the railway to Troisvierges (in these years there were plans to cloas all of the north line north of Ettelbrück)
1991 :   Tunnel to second platform. New stations building. Removal signal box
5-9-1993 :   Electrification line in direction of Ettelbrück
25-9-1993 :   EMU 2018 got name Troisvierges (after electrification to Troisvierges)
16-1-1994 :   Electrification line in direction of Gouvy
ca.1996 :   New stations building, tunnel for pedestrians to second platform and western exit of the station

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