Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Steinfort



Name (french) : Steinfort
Name (german) : Steinfort
Name (luxemburg) : Stengefort
Traject : Pétange - Hagen - Ettelbrück
Date opening : 1-8-1873
Date closure : 24-9-1967
Remarks : -

Historical data

1899 :   Build stone station building
1908 :   Great enlargement of blast furnace (this existed already from the beginning of the railway line)
1917 :   Again enlargement of the blast furnace, now relayment of the railway, enlargement of the railway yard
1932 :   Stop blast furnace. From now on little goods transport
24-9-1967 :   Closure for passengers transport
ca. 2005 :   Closure for goods transport (although in the last years there was only little goods transport)

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