Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Pétange



Name (french) : Pétange
Name (german) : Petingen
Name (luxemburg) : Péitäng
Traject : Luxemburg - Pétange - Longwy
Esch sur Alzette - Pétange - Athus
Pétange - Kleinbettingen - Ettelbrück
Date opening : 1-8-1873
Date closure : -
Remarks : In Pétange is situated the wagon repair shop of the CFL. In the time of the Prince-Henry railway this was the central repair shop of the PH

Historical data

1-8-1873 :   Opening railway line to Esch-sur-Alzette. Build of stations building, loc shed, central maintenance depot of the PH-railway
1-12-1874 :   Opening line to Rodange
20-12-1875 :   Opening goods railway to Lamadelaine - Fonds-de-Gras
1878 :   Build new, larger loc shed
1879 :   New stations building
8-9-1900 :   Opening railway line to Luxemburg via Dippach
1900-1912 :   In several stages enlargement of the central depot and of the railway yard
1931 :   Opening loading station for iron ore
1950 :   Electric signalling
17-4-1961 :   Electrification
1961 :   Change of layout of railway yard. Line in the direction of Esch from now also to be reached from the second platform
1964 :   Last steam locs in central depot. Break down of all steam related things like loc shed, coal loading, etc. Loc shed becomes repair shop for goods wagons
1964 :   Avalance destroyes goods railway between Pétange and Lamadelaine. From then no more transport. In 1970 official closure of that line
1970 :   Official closure of line to Lamadelaine
1972 :   Closure loading station for iron ore
31-7-1973 :   Change of railway yard. More tracks, especially in the western side of the station. This because of serving the blast furnace of ARBED in Differdange from Pétange
1981 :   Large fire in central depot
1981 :   Removal of rails in the direction of Lamadelaine
1999 :   Change of railway yar. Build new roof on platforms
2000 :   New signal post, also serving Rodange. Old signal post demolished in 2001
2001 :   Rebuild of the rails in the direction of Lamadelaine, because of museum-railway. New platform for museum train 1900
?? :   New platform for museum railway

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