Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Luxemburg Verschiebebahnhof



Name (french) : Luxemburg Verschiebebahnhof
Name (german) : Luxemburg Verschiebebahnhof
Name (luxemburg) : Lètzebuerg Verschiebebahnhof
Traject : Luxemburg - Bettembourg - Thionville
Date opening : - (not for passengers)
Date closure : -
Remarks : -

Historical data

1879 :   First enlargement of the railway yard of the central station, south of Route de Thionville
1889 :   First large enlargement of railway yard
1906 :   Large enlargement of the railway yard. Build of 2 round loc sheds
1909 :   Build of the connection line in the direction of Arlon (Belgium)
28-10-1918 :   Build of connection line south of Luxemburg to Oetrange for the line to Trier (Germany)
1981 :   Fire in signal post. This speeded up the proces of in use taking of the new shunting terrain in Bettembourg, because of the temporary closure of the shunting in Luxembur Verschiebgebahnhof. Signal post was rebuilt

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