Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Luxembourg



Name (french) : Luxembourg
Name (german) : Luxembourg
Name (luxemburg) : Lètzebuerg
Traject : Luxemburg - Troisvierges - Gouvy
Luxemburg - Wasserbillig - Trier
Luxemburg - Kleinbettingen - Arlon
Luxemburg - Bettembourg - Thionville
Luxemburg - Esch sur Alzette - Pétange - Athus
Luxemburg - Pétange - Longwy
Date opening : 11-8-1859
Date closure : -
Remarks : Luxemburg is the largest and the most central station of the railway network

Historical data

11-8-1859 :   Opening railway line to Bettembourg - Thionville (Fr)
15-9-1859 :   Opening railway line to Arlon (B)
4-10-1959 :   Opening of first stations building
1860 :   Opening two maintenance sheds (for locs and for carriages)
29-8-1861 :   Opening line to Wasserbillig - Trier (Germany)
21-7-1862 :   Opening north line to Ettelbrück
1874 :   Put together of the 2 maintenance sheds. Extension of railway yard
1876 :   Build of round loc shed (as it exists toxday) on the north eastern side of the station
1879 :   First tracks south of Route de Thionville. See further at Luxemburg Verschiebebahnhof
20-2-1882 :   Opening narrow gauge line to Aspelt - Mondorf - Remich. New tracks for correspondance with this narrow gauge line situated at the south western part of the stations building
1888 :   Passengers bridge (north of stations building) to maintenance depot (not yet further to the eastern part of the city, this came only in 1927)
8-9-1900 :   Build PH-line to Pétange. Relayment of railway yard
20-4-1904 :   Opening narrow gauige line to Echternach
1913 :   New stations building (as it is as today); built in three phases
28-10-1918 :   Buid of connection line south of Luxemburg to Oetrange for the line to Trier (Germany)
1927 :   Build viaduct (instead of narrow tunnel) for the route de Thionville at the south side of the station
1927 :   Lengthening of the passengers bridge (north of stations building) to the easternly situated quarter of the city
1938 :   High platforms. Tunnel for passengers. New third platform
1944 :   Three bombing attacks. Many damages. Working shed totally destroyed, rebuilt in 1951
1951 :   New signalling post, next to viaduct in Route de Thionville
14-5-1954 :   Closure of narrow gauige lines to Aspelt - Mondorf - Remich
1957 :   Electric signalling
1973 :   Rebuilding of southern part of the central building, after PTT has departed from it
1988 :   Rebuilding of station restaurant and buffet
1989 :   Change of lay out of railway yard at the northern part
28-5-1989 :   Building of forth platform
28-4-1994 :   New signalling post in triangle of connection line. Demolishment of old signalling post. Demolishment and rebuilding of (larger) viaduct in Route de Thionville
2007 :   Second tunnel for passengers to platform (use before as tunnel for post and cfl personel)

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