Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Kleinbettingen



Name (french) : Kleinbettingen
Name (german) : Kleinbettingen
Name (luxemburg) : Klengbetten
Traject : Luxemburg - Kleinbettingen - Arlon
Kleinbettingen - Steinfort - Ettelbrück
Date opening : 15-9-1859
Date closure : -
Remarks : Until 1899 the station was named Bettingen

Historical data

15-9-1859 :   Opening line to Luxemburg and Arlon (Belgium). Build of stations building
1-8-1873 :   Opening line in the Attert valley (to Noertzange - Ettelbrück) and line to Pétange
1874 :   Enlargement of railway yard
1877 :   Change of entry of line from Pétange, now via Hagen. This was done because the crossing of the main line took too much capacity
1878 :   Enlargement stations building
1881 :   Enlargement goods shed
1894 :   Build new goods shed, enlargement customs shed
1897 :   Enlargement stations building
1899 :   Renaming from Bettingen to Kleinbettingen
1902 :   Build passengers bridge for customs personel
1903 :   Build new turntable and loc shed
29-9-1956 :   Electrification line Luxemburg - Arlon with 3000 Volt direct current. Change of railway yard. Raise of passing velocity of through trains on the main line. Platform for trains of the Attert line laid more closely tot hte main building
1956 :   Removement passengers bridge for customs personel
24-9-1967 :   Closure of Attertline for passengers transport (both in the direction of Noertzange - Ettelbrück as in the direction of Pétange
1978 :   Signalling from signal box for Bertrange and Mamer
1980 :   Simplification of tracks

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