Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Kautenbach



Name (french) : Kautenbach
Name (german) : Hautenbach
Name (luxemburg) : Kautenbaach
Traject : Luxemburg - Troisvierges - Gouvy
Kautenbach - Wiltz - Bastogne
Date opening : 15-12-1866
Date closure : -
Remarks : -

Historical data

15-12-1866 :   Opening on the line Ettelbrück - Troisvierges. Build of station building
1874 :   Enlargement railway yard. Enlargement stations building
1-6-1881 :   Opening PH-line to Wiltz. Combines station services in the building of the WL. Dead end track for goods wagons from WL to PH lines
1888 :   Build new stations building
1909 :   Lengthening of track for goods waong going from WL to PH line
1913 :   Direct connectino from direction Luxemburg to the direction of Wiltz; tunnel to second platform
1924 :   Extra track for trains from WL to PH lines
1945 :   Because of war damage signal post badly damaged.
1953 :   New electric signalling
1956 :   Demolishment of turning table. Will be placed in siding to brewery in Diekirch
1989 :   Simplification of rail yard. Removement of goods tracks. Some tracks remain for maintenance wagons
20-4-1991 :   Electrification line to Ettelbrück and to Wiltz
29-4-1991 :   Signals and switches worked from Ettelbrück
1993 :   Electrification line Kautenbach - Troisvierges

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