Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Hollerich



Name (french) : Hollerich
Name (german) : Hollerich
Name (luxemburg) : Hollerech
Traject : Luxemburg - Petange - Longwy
Date opening : 9-9-1900
Date closure : -
Remarks : The railway Luxemburg - Kleinbettingen - Arlon is from Luxemburg main station until the station of Hollerich running parallel to the line Luxemburg Pétange. In the line to Arlon, there are no platforms at the station of Hollerich.

Historical data

8-9-1900 :   Opening, not yet stations building
1-5-1902 :   Build stations building first class. Build of changing tracks between companies PH-WL, extra tracks, loc shed, turntable, water tower, goods shed, etc. Hollerich wat the central station for the PH in the city of Luxemburg, where trains were prepaired. The trains went on upto the station Luxemburg central.
1904 :   Build of large bridge for road transport over several rail tracks
1904 :   Raising of tracks to level above streets
1910 :   Enlargement of the yard. Build tracks to go from Artlon (Belgium) directly to Luxemburg Verschiebebahnhof (in the direction further on south to Thionville in France
1944 :   Bomb attack on the railway yard; traffic bridge destroyed
1946 :   In the westernly direction sidings to tank silos of mineral oil
1-6-1981 :   Electrification of the line Luxemburg - Pétange (the passing line from Luxemburg to Arlon was already electrified in 1956)
1995 :   Build second platform

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