Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Ettelbrück



Name (french) : Ettelbrück
Name (german) : Ettelbrück
Name (luxemburg) : Ettelbrück
Traject : Luxemburg - Troisvierges - Gouvy
Kleinbettingen - Ettelbrück
Ettelbrück - Echternach - Wasserbillig
Date opening : 16-11-1862
Date closure : -
Remarks : -

Historical data

16-11-1862 :   Opening line to Luxemburg and Diekirch. Build stations building
1874 :   Enlargement railway yard, build loc shed
15-12-1866 :   Opening railway line to Troisvierges
20-4-1880 :   Opening Attertline to Noertzange - Steinfort - Pétange. Build of third platform
1898 :   Enlargement of railway yard. Extra long track for shunting trains along the railway tot the south.
1901 :   New bridge over the Sure (instad of bridge with combined use with road traffic) for the line to Diekirch. Extra tracks for goods trains
1915 :   Separate bridge over the Alzette for the Attert line. Own platform for this line at the soutwestern side of the railway yard. New bridge over the Sure for the line to Diekirch
1956 :   Several things for steam locs broken down (coal loading place, turning table, loc shed). New shed for motor coaches. Tunnel to second platform, higher platforms
1959 :   Central point in the region for goods transport
24-9-1967 :   Stopping passengers transport over the Attert line
1968 :   Modernising signalling, third platform taken away, tunnel for pedestrians to the second platform
19-5-1969 :   Stopping goods transport over the Attert line
15.12.1985 :   Signal post becomse post for north line from to Lorentzweiler to Ettelbrück and Diekirch
6-1989 :   Electrification ine to Luxemburg and Diekirch
20-4-1991 :   Electrification north line in the direction of Kautenbach-Wiltz

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