Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Esch-sur-Alzette



Name (french) : Esch-sur-Alzette
Name (german) : Esch/Alzette
Name (luxemburg) : Esch/Uelzecht
Traject : Luxemburg - Esch sur Alzette - Pétange - Athus
Esch sur Alzette - Audun-le-Tiche - Rédange
Date opening : 23-4-1860
Date closure : -
Remarks : -

Historical data

23-4-1860 :   Opening railway line to Luxemburg. Opening stations building for passengers. Opening loading station for iron ore.
1870-1880 :   Enlargement railway yard
10-4-1872 :   Opening blast furnace south west of station (later Rothe Erde)
1-8-1873 :   Opening PH-line to Pétange. For PH there existed a separate stations building, 600 meters to the west. Only connectionby a track.
18-12-1875 :   Opening line for goods transport and opening loading statino for iron ore in the Hohltal
25-8-1875 :   Opening loading station for iron ore at the Galgenberg. Enlargement of the railway yard
1876 :   Build new loc shed
5-3-1877 :   Blocking of connectgion line PH-EL. Temporary PH-station Bois d Esch
24-8-1878 :   Stop blocking connection line PH-EL
1883 :   Build of new stations building
1885 :   Lengthening of platforms
1893 :   Enlargement of railway yard
24-4-1927 :   Railway of ARBED (steel factory) from Rothe Erde (West of the station) to ARBED Schifflange (east of the station), inclusive tunnel of 125 meters. Electrification of that line with 600 V direct current
1930 :   Enlargement of railway yard
1958 :   Replacement handling of goods trains to Esch Belval
20-12-1959 :   New platform, tunnel for passengers to second platform. Build of new stations building. Demolishment of old stations building (on that terrain a parking place was made). Electric signalling
ca.1962 :   Closure loading station for iron ore at the Galgenberg
19-12-1965 :   Track in the direction of Pétange laid on viadcut of 747 meters length
1977 :   Closure loading statino for iron ore at the Hohltal. Transport of iron ore to Arbed Belval via runway
2003 :   New command post for train circulation. This signal post is serving the region around Esch from Esch to noertznage and Rumelange.

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