Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Differdange



Name (french) : Differdange
Name (german) : Differdingen
Name (luxemburg) : Déifferdéng
Traject : Luxemburg - Esch sur Alzette - Pétange - Athus
Date opening : 1-8-1879
Date closure : -
Remarks : In about the year 1995 a new halt was created some hundreds of yards to the south. In the same time the old station has been closed and demolished.

Historical data

1-8-1873 :   Opening for passengers transport, and as a loading station for iron ore. For passengers there was only a wooden stations building
1886 :   Opening blast furnace nearby the sttation. From 1880 on there was also a blast furnace, but that was closed in 1884.
1892 :   Build of stations building of brick
1887 :   Line from hills (Thilenberg) to the blast furnace and to the loading station for iron ore
1897 :   Opening of narrow gauge line for transport of iron ore to Oberkorn ore mine
1899 :   Line to Thilenberg becomes property of PH-railway. Closure and rebuild as narrow gauge line (700 mm), length: 2,26 km
1933 :   Exploitation of the narrow gauge line to Thilenberg no longer by PH, but by steel factory of ARBED. This narrow gauge line was extended to double track and electrified
1950 :   Electric signaling
1959 :   Because of shortage of tracks for goods trains now one extra track on the place where before was situated the second platform. From now on only one platform for passengers existed in a double gauge railway line
17-4-1961 :   Electrification
1981 :   Stop narrow gauge line to Thilenberg
31-5-1992 :   Closure of old station for passengers transport. Opening new halt about 650 meter to the south (now again with two platforms)
1993 :   Build large bridge over railway at site of old station building
2003 :   Connection to blast furnace no more via Differdange but via Arbed private line to Belval-Usines. Tracks in yard only used for stabling goods wagons

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