Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Colmar-Berg



Name (french) : Colmar-Berg
Name (german) : Colmar-Berg
Name (luxemburg) : Kolmer-Bierg
Traject : Luxemburg - Troisvierges - Gouvy
Date opening : 21-7-1862
Date closure : -
Remarks : The name was short before opening changed from Colmar to Colmar-Berg. This because there exists in the Elsace in France another town with name Colmar. It could be confuing because it was a station of the same exploiting railway company

Historical data

21-7-1862 :   Opening. Shortly before opening the name was changed from Colmar to Colmar-Berg. This because of confusion with the town Colmar in the Elsace in France, a city which was also served by the railway company
1891 :   Build of wagon shed (it stood before in Walferdange) for the saloon wagon of duce Adolf van Nassau. He had his residence in the nearby castle of Berg
1965 :   Removement of extra tracks for goods trains
1985 :   Tracks for goods transport taken away; removal of goods shed
1985 :   Stations building sold
6-1989 :   Electrification

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