Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Bettembourg



Name (french) : Bettembourg
Name (german) : Bettemburg
Name (luxemburg) : Betebuerg
Traject : Luxemburg - Bettembourg - Thionville
Luxemburg - Esch sur Alzette - Petange - Athus
Bettembourg - Dudelange
Date opening : 11-8-1859
Date closure : -
Remarks : South of the station of Bettembourg a large shunting yard can be find. Here international goods trains are being served

Historical data

11-8-1859 :   Opening railway line Luxemburg - Thionville (France)
24-3-1860 :   Opening railway line to Esch sur Alzette
1878 :   Build of loc shed (on terrain north west of railway yard)
1880 :   Opening shunting station
1891 :   Enlargement shunting station
1-9-1899 :   Opening narrow gauge line to Aspelt
1900 :   Enlargement shunting statino, triangular track from Esch into the direction of Thionville (shunting station), build new loc shed in triangle of tracks, demolishment of old loc shed
1927 :   First shunting hill on shunting terrain
11-5-1944 :   Bombing attack, many damages. From 1944-1945 the shunting terrain was in use with the USA army as a depot
8-12-1952 :   Closure of narrow gauge line to Aspelt
1958 :   Electrical signalling. New signal box. Opening central track maintenance depot of CFL
1977 :   Relay of railway in the direction of Thionville, raising of passing speed in the line Luxemburg - Thionville (Fr)
1980 :   Opening container terminal
1973-1982 :   New shuntnig terrain. Shunting proces from shunting hill strongly automated
1980 :   Strengthening of curve north of Bettembourg, thereby higher speed possible
3-1981 :   Speedly in use of new shunting terriain. This because of fire in signal box in Luxemburg Verschiebebahnhof (that station should take over temporarily the shunting for Bettembourg as this was in rebuilding, but that was not able to do so because of the fire)
1951 :   Enlargement of shunting station
1980 :   OPening containerterminal

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