Railways in Luxemburg

Railways in Luxemburg

Station : Belval-Université



Name (french) : Belval-Université
Name (german) : Beles-Univerisät
Name (luxemburg) : Belval-Université
Traject : Luxemburg - Esch sur Alzette - Pétange - Athus
Date opening : 26-3-1905
Date closure : -
Remarks : In the beginning the name was Belval Usines.
This halt was opened because of the nearby steel factory of the Arbed.
After closure of the steel factory new building area has been made with univerity buildings. The name of the halt was then changed from Belval Usines to Belval Université

Historical data

1909 :   Opening as a halt because of the nearby blast furnace of Arbed. Name was Belval-Usines. Blast furnace opened in 1912
1986 :   New lay out of tracks
1986 :   Build second platform for passengers trains. Until then only one platform existed
1997 :   Closure of the blast furnace, only small remains of Arbed. Most of the terrain has been changed into a building area with the university buildings
ca. 2000 :   Renamed from Belval-Usines to Belval-Université

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