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model railway
Model railway
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Who is Wim Kusee?

wim kusee

I have been born on March 16th 1957, and I live in Bodegraven (situated in the centre of the Netherlands).

I am married with Silvia, and we have two children

I am working as a Java developer in the informatica.

My hobbies are ferries, railways and music

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Below a survey of all my websites together

Book "Veerponten in Nederland" (Ferry boats in the Netherlands)
Ferry boats in the Netherlands
Ferry boats in Germany
Transporter bridges
Films on Youtube (made by me) about ferries
Nice films on Youtube about ferries, all that can go wrong


Railways in Luxemburg
Foto's of railways in the Netherlands
Tram in Belgium
Tram in Luxemburg (TVL)
Tramline in Luxemburg, de line of today's tram
Horse trams in the Netherlands
Tram line Gouda-Bodegraven (horse tram, steam tram)
Trogener Bahn (railway in Switzerland)
Fotos of railways and trams, flickr.com
Railway fotos then (ca.1980) and now (ca.2014) (fotos of the same location).
Timetable 1883 Netherlands
Timetable 1868 Netherlands
Draw a time distance diagram
Number of passengers on train stations in the Netherlands
Pictures of the book "De Kilometerkampioen"
Films on Youtube (made by me) about tram and train
Trains and trams Madurodam


Music, some writings about my music hobby
Search in song books of the church
Mattheus passion, performed by the choir Con Amore Nieuwkoop.


Genealogy family Kuzee, Kusee and Cusee
Street names in Bodegraven
Bodegraven, the village where I live
Franciscanessen in Bodegraven