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Trams in Belgium   (NMVB/SNCV/city trams)

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depot anderlues

In the beginning of the NMVB there was not yet a total network all over Belgium. All over the country separate lines existed. The NMVB supplied the buildings which were needed, the company which made the exploitation did the further supplying of tools and organisation in the depots.

In the first years each line had its own depot. There the locs and carriages were stabled, repairs were carried out, etc. But when in the further years there came a network, it also gave the possibilities to centralise certain functions. So we see in the years more and more depots (stelplaats), but a lower quantity of repair shops (werkplaats). In each depot there had to be possibilities to maintain small daily repairs on rolling stock. There was a coal depot, water tower etc. In the repair shops there were more specialised utensils.

Later when there came also electric trams, there was more space needed for stabling the rolling stock. For the electric trams several depots could only exist of some shed and tracks for staying of the trams at overnight.

In the next subpages you can find the names and locations of the depots of the NMVB. I have tried to look up for as most as possible, but the list may be not totally complete. If you know more information, please write me an e-mail with your knowledge (see menu option "contact").