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Today, there is only a small remain left about the large network of the NMVB. One line all along the coast of Belgium from Knokke in the north east via Oostende to De Panne in the south west. And another line in the environment op Charleroi. Since about 1990 the name has changed. Today the name is "De Lijn" in the north and TEC in the south. These companies not only do the operation of lines with trams and busses of the rural environment of Belgium, but also the operation of the city trams and busses in Gent, Antwerp, Brussels, Liège and several other towns.

On this subpage we only look at the remains of the tram-lines of the NMVB; for information about the tram in Gent and Antwerp (and in Brussel) there are several other pages.

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modern tram  


Coastal line

network coastal lines

One of the remains of the NMVB is the line along the Belgian coast.
The line is split into two lines:

Both lines are operated as one group of lines. In special in the summer time this line is heavily used by tourists and people enjoying of the beach.

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Around Charleroi

network around charleroi

The other remains of a large network exists around the city of Charleroi.

Around the years 1980-1990 this network was replaced by so-called "pre-metro" system. Some old lines (the line Charleroi - Anderlues and the connection with the railway station Charleroi Sud) were transformed and partly rebuilt. Also some new lines were created (to Gilly and Chatelet). The new line to Chatelet was built, but was never taken in use. Even today this line remains unused. The date of opening of the pre-metro network were:

Line Charleroi-Anderlues Date open
Charleroi Sud - Charleroi Ouest 1976.06.21
Charleroi Ouest - Charleroi Viaduc 1980.06.30
Charleroi Viaduc - Dampremy 1983.05.24
Dampremy - Marchienne 1992.08.23
Marchienne passage 1983.08.28
Marchienne - Fontaine l'Eveque 1983.05.24
Line Charleroi-Gilly Date open
Charleroi Viaduc - Beaux-Arts 1983.05.24
Charleroi Beaux-Arts - Waterloo 1992.08.28
Charleroi Waterloo - Gilly 1992.08.28
Line Waterloo-Parc Date open
Charleroi Waterloo - Parc 1996.08.30
Line Charleroi-Gosselies Date open
Charleroi - Jumet - Gosselies ??

Besides the lines described above and on the map, there exists a line from Charleroi to the depot in Jumet (near Gosselies). This line is only uses for service use.

There also exists a line from Gilly to Châtelet, which has been built and is almost ready. This situation already exists from about 1992. The line has only been taken into operation in about 2010.

In 2015 at last a new line to Jumet and Gosselies was taken into operation into operation (or you could better say it was rebuilt).

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