Transporter bridges


This website is about transporter bridges. In several languages such a construction is called:


A transporter bridge can be considered as a combination of a ferry and a bridge. To the right is a picture of such a transporter bridge. A large (usually high) construction of steel is constructed over a river. On top of this construction there runs on rails a kind of trolley, on which is connected by means of cables or by a steel construction a platform. On this platform, often covered, travelers can reach the other side of the water. This holds for for pedestrians, but usually also for vehicles. The number of transporter bridges is not so high. At present, there are only eight transporter bridges present in the world, two of which are out of use, and five of them are still in daily use. Previously, there have been more, but the number of transporter bridges is not higher than only about 20.

In recent years, some new, modern transporter bridges have been built, much smaller than the transporter bridges of the past, and only for pedestrians and cyclists. Even these small ones will be dealt width on this website.

Click one of the links to find a general description of the phenomenon of "transporter bridge" or to find more information about the transporter bridges that can be found today or about transporter bridges that have been there in the past.

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