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In the west of the city of Luxemburg, next to a busgarage, you can find a nice museum. In this museum several aspects of the tram and her history. Think about :

And besides this, in a indoor shed you can find several tram carriages and busses in scale 1:1. Of the tram carriages you can find:


The museum is worth going there. You can find the museum in the Rue de Bouillon 63, just near the rotonda in the motorway A4 running into the city of Luxemburg. Near the museum you find good (free) parking places.

You can reach the museum with public transport bus line 17.

The museum is opened during the weekdays (not on monday) in the afternoon from 13:30 to 17:30 hours. In the weekend doors open already at 10:00 hours. On Monday the museum is closed.

P.S. I do not have any shares in the museum. I just want to tell you that I like the museum

 trammuseum luxemburg



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