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Tram Luxemburg

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A horse tram in the centre of the city.


The horse tram with open carriage 101 in the bend between Grand Rue and Rue de la Porte Neuf.


The square in front of the railway station. The trams rode along a kind of roundabout from where they then returned to the city centre by one of the two main streets.


Another time the square in front of the railway station, Now many years earlier. We see the horse tram standing in front of the (old) station building.

grote rijtuigen

Carriages 34 en 35 were used to pull goods wagons. These wagons came from the line from Echternach and were handed over in Dommeldange. Via Rollingergrond these wagons were pulled to the city centre and/or to the railway station.

electrische tram

Motor carriage 9 (with old catenary) on the railway station square. We look in the direction of the Rue de la Liberté.


Crossroads in the centre of the city.


A photo in the centre of the city (Grand Rue). We see pulling carriage 118 behind an unknown motor coach riding in the direction of the railway station.

electrisch motorrijtuig

Motor coach 14 at the terminus of line 6 in Bonnevoie.

electrisch motorrijtuig

Motor coache 12 in Rollingergrund going in the direction of Eich.


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